About the company

Aerogrammi was founded in Thessaloniki in 1989. Our business objective was and is tourism. Over the years, we have being operated and developed, adding in our working field more services of the travel industry such as group, leisure trips and business trips (within Greece & worldwide), incentives, conferences, cruises etc.

For the very first year we are member of I.A.T.A. and we have the ability to issue air ticket for all the destinations worldwide. We cooperate with the most airlines and we are connected with a full new-age electronic equipment, connected with more than one international booking networks (CRS). The demand of our industry, are forced us to invest all the time to have a staff well educated, multi language, specialized and experienced and we are trying to have them updated, trained and participated to events, which help for the best, fast and responsible customer service. With basic rule the responsibility, the close cooperation and the relation ship we build with the customer, our company has been established as one of the most dynamic companies, which is a guarantee for the client for unique and unforgettable trips.  

Today, with our experience within the years, we manage to participate to all travel events on the Northern Greek market. With our philosophy, which is ''The Orientation to the customer's needs'', we believe that we earned customer's trust and of course is a guarantee and reconfirmation we are still going to continue in the future...